„007“ in Israel – die MiG-21 F13

Modelling the early Fishbed F13 in Quarterscale is nowadays no problem thanks to HobbyBoss fine kit.
Decalling it in an attractive and veeeery colourful livery with added history has been made possible thanks to AirDoc/Wingman Models of Germany …

Wingman-decal-WMD48007MiG-21-F13-007-1 "007" in Israel - die MiG-21 F13

Isn´t she a beauty?

Wingman-decal-WMD48007MiG-21-F13-007-3 "007" in Israel - die MiG-21 F13
An Israeli MiG-21F13 (ex-Iraqi) in a more than attractive livery and with the callsign „007“! James Bond – you know! No fooling: This special call sign was in fact chosen because the way this MiG-21 came into the hands of the Israeli Air Force has something of a James Bond-like story!

(I will tell it later this year in a special feature – promised!)

The approximately A4-sized decal sheet is printed in perfect register and after trying an „unwanted“ part I can confess about the quality and ease of working with the decals:

Wingman-decal-WMD48007-MiG-21-F13-007-2 "007" in Israel - die MiG-21 F13
Wingman Models even included a masking set for the tail and rudder:Wingman-decal-WMD48007-MiG-21-F13-007-3 "007" in Israel - die MiG-21 F13The instruction manual is concise, very detailed and does have a colour-coding following the HUMBROL-system:

Wingman-decal-WMD48007-MiG-21-F13-007-1 "007" in Israel - die MiG-21 F13
I had to „camouflage“ the manual due to the threat of having it copied by unauthorized ones!

To sum it up, thsi is a more than welcome decals-sheet for IAF enthusiasts as well as for those modellers wishing to build „something special“.
Recommended to modellers of all skills.

Available directly via the manufacturer´s (AirDoc/Wingman Models) online-shop.

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