Eduard „OVERTREE“- the philosophy behind it

Nowadays modellers are facing a „dilemma“ that is typical for us living in „plastic heaven“:
A lot of EDUARD „Dual Combo“ and „Quattro Combo“-Kits do offer markings for several versions – e.g. Eduard‘ s new Avia B.534 with 28 (!) different marking options, but „only“ 4 kits.
A lot of these colourful decals will be left unused!
EDUARD´s „OVERTREES“ come to the rescue …

Eduard-Avia-OVERTREE Eduard "OVERTREE"- the philosophy behind it(Für die deutsche Version bitte hier klicken)

„OVERTREE“ means „surplus kits“ and why Czech manufacturer EDUARD is selling these „surplus kits“ will be explained now.

As mentioned above, using all the decal options within the various kits means buying additional kits with all the „unnecessary“ manuals, decals etc.
This is where EDUARDS „OVERTREE“-philosophy comes in handy:
EDUARD offers us modellers a very cheap source of plastic (and even „OVERLEPT“ photo-etched parts) available only on Eduard webstore and only in the month when the main kit is released.
This mean i.e. in March 2015 the Spitfire Mk.VIII has been released and their „OVERTREES“ were available only in that month, as well as the „OVERLEPT” – extra PE set, which is the same as included in the ProfiPACK boxing.

Those amongst us who want to use the decals left from the „Quattro Combo“ Avia B.534 should hurry:
The „OVERTREES“ as well as the „OVERLEPT“ will be discontinued soon or are already be discontinued!

And bear in mind that „OVERTREE“ and „OVERLEPT“ will exclusively be sold for kits containing EDUARD`s own molds in ProfiPACK edition, Limited Edition and Royal Class (so those Limited editions like Phantoms, Starfighters, etc. does not have the overtrees support).

Many thanks to the management of EDUARD for sharing these information with us and our readers.







It is recommended to order our Overtrees and their dedicated PE-sets and to inform your readers about this special edition. Well, this is the best way how to get the necessary plastic for several aftermarket (or Eduard spare) decals with alternate camo schemes.

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